I miss her so much, I never thought I’d ever actually feel like this about her, I went so long without giving a fuck, I convinced myself I was doing fine without her. No one had mentioned her, I hadn’t seen her name, or even her face for a long time, until someone brought her up in conversation. My mind start running through everything she said, everything we’d done together, the cute, pointless shit we did. I thought for some stupid fucking reason that if I saw her, I’d be able to forget about her easier if I got to say bye once more. She came to see me last night, put my arm around her and she cuddled up to me and it was the cutest fucking night ive had for so long. I miss her so much. she doesn’t care. this has turned itself around so much. I hate this. I’d love to go back to how we were, we never speak anymore, she rarely acknowledges I exist.

I love you so much